Privacy Policy

Written By Dirty Roses Bridal April 2018

Here at Dirty Roses Bridal we are old school.

We  ask you a few details when you book your appointment. 
These are to help us make sure your bridal appointment runs smoothly & we have all details needed to help us guide you. Like sticking within your budget. 

Once your appointment is completed we hold these details for a further 6 months or until your wedding date. 
Which ever is shorter. 

We do not give your details to any other company.
They stay firmly within our premises under lock and key. 

Our seamstress will ask you a few details when booking your appointment.
These will only stay within her diary & do not get sent anywhere else. 

Once you agree for her to alter your gown & after it is finished,she will ask you to sign paperwork both times. These are for her insurance.
 They do not get sent anywhere else. 

When purchasing a gown from our website, we use Paypal for payment. 
Paypal are the ones that store the information  for the amount stated. 

Once this is completed your details are deleted within the year. 


We will only use photo's that you have sent us or have given us permission to use. 

Once you have sent us photo's you are agreeing to let us use your photo's across our barn, advertising and website. 
This includes our social media platforms,website, leaflets, banners, pictures in the barn ect.